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Our Fundamental & Intermediate
Tactical Handgun Courses currently meet the CCW certification qualifications for
 SacramentoEl Dorado, & San Joaquin Counties along with the City of Stockton, and Ripon additional jurisdictions pending.



CCW Training Dates (16 hour-2 Day Class)
November 3-4, 2018
January 5-6, 2019
March 2-3, 2019
May 4-5, 2019
July 6-7, 2019
September 12-15, 2019
November 2-3, 2019

To sign up for any of these classes please to directly to our "Course Registration" page, link top right of this screen.
Select our "Fund/Inter Handgun Combo Pkg" for the date(s) that meet your schedule.

Need to renew your CCW Permit? 

CCW Renewal Training Dates
November 4, 2018
January 6, 2019
March 3, 2019
May 5, 2019
July 7, 2019
September 15, 2019
November 3, 2019

 Our 4 hour renewal classes are held on the first part of the second day of the above training in conjunction with our Intermediate Handgun Classes 0830-1230.

2019 GRAY OPS CCW 4-Hour Renewal Order Form
Gray Ops Firearms Specialty Training, Inc., 2019 CCW Renewal Course Registration Form. Please select the Course and Date you’re interested in attending. Early registration guaranties your seat. I understand that my training course fee is non-transferable and a 50% tuition penalty is charged if I cancel the training.

Quantity Description Price
4 Hour CCW Recert, November 4, 2018$75.00
4 Hour CCW Recert, January 6, 2019$75.00
4 Hour CCW Recert, March 3, 2019$75.00
4 Hour CCW Recert, May 5, 2019$75.00
4 Hour CCW Recert, July 7, 2019$75.00
4 Hour CCW Recert, September 15, 2019$75.00
4 Hour CCW Recert, November 3, 2019$75.00
Thank you for signing up for a Gray Ops training course(s)! You will be receiving additional information shortly specifically related to the course(s) you've signed up for. By pressing the "Continue" button I'm acknowledging I've read and understand Gray Ops Cancellation / Refund Policy.

California Concealed Carry Training

Why train with Gray Ops Firearms Specialty Training for CCW Training?

Gray Ops Firearms Specialty Training is defining new teaching standards, which reflect a high caliber of expertise, organization, and professionalism.   Our mission is to prepare you to organize yourself for carrying a concealed firearm, and not just the minimum mandated training requirements.  It is extremely important to receive quality training, preparation and skills, and to develop and maintain these skills and situational awareness as a CCW Permit Holder. This includes CCW renewals as well.

The authority to carry a concealed weapon (CCW) is set forth in California Penal Code Sections 26150 through 26225.  These sections state in part:

  1. PC  26150 The Sheriff of a County or PC 26155 The Chief or other head of a municipal police department of any city may issue a license upon:
  2. Proof that the applicant is of good moral character,
  3. Good cause exists for the issuance,
  4. The applicant is a resident of the County/City
  5. The applicant has completed a course of training as described in 26165
    (b) may issue that person a license to carry a pistol, revolver, or other firearm capable of being concealed upon the person.

We at Gray Ops work extremely hard to bring you the most up to date and real life firearms training available in the present day to improve your skills. "We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level of our training."

Gray Ops was founded out of a strong desire to provide tremendously practical firearms training as it relates to our current real world situations and environments.  Our courses are not administrative in nature; they are specifically designed to place individuals and teams under the type of duress that closely simulates the stress of real-world confrontations.

Gray Ops training team is required to maintain a “show you” capability; not anything required of the students will fall outside of the following sequence: Tell You – Show You – Allow You – Evaluate Performance – Repeat –

Gray Ops Firearms Specialty Training provides the essential training to meet requirements for the California Concealed Carry Certification and Renewal process. It is our ambition not only to meet the State and County requirements, but to go beyond them by providing our students a higher level of instruction and follow-up.  We bring the classroom to the range.   Our aspiration is to develop our students by presenting the skills, attitude and knowledge that are needed to safely use, carry in a concealed manner, and store a personal firearm for self defense.

Course Length
The CCW course will be carried out over two days (16 hours).  The first day will include fundamental handgun instruction and more advanced personal protection lecture and exercises. The second day will be intermediate handgun and will almost entirely be shooting on the range to sharpen your skills to successfully complete the course.

CCW Renewals
Required every 2 years.  To renew your CCW you will need to attend a 4-hour legal firearms update refresher course. Qualify on each gun you want listed on your CCW Permit.  Our 4-hour renewal course is done in conjunction with our Intermediate Handgun Course.  You'll attend the first 4 hours of the morning session and then qualify.  The cost for the renewal course is $75.  Space is limited so please plan ahead.  

California Firearms Laws Summary Booklet 2016 (pdf) 

The course of fire is a 36 round course in which the student will fire 12 rounds from 3 distances: 3 yards, 7 yards, and 15 yards.  Students will have 30 seconds to fire their 12 rounds at the 3 and 7 yard lines; 45 seconds are allowed at the 15 yard line.  The starting position for each distance is “Standing, Holstered.”  At each distance reloads are conducted after the first 6 rounds.  

If an equipment malfunction is experienced, the student will need to safely clear the problem and continue shooting.  If the proper and safe technique is used and the student clears it correctly but runs out of time, they will be allowed to finish the string of fire from the shooting position and allowed 3 seconds for each remaining round.  If the malfunction is major, the firearm can be safely cleared and made ready, the student will be permitted to re-shoot the entire course.

The target students will be using is the B-27. The passing score on the test is 80%, 29 out of 36 shots in t
he 7-ring.  All rounds fired must be 100%, within the silhouette target, rounds outside of the silhouette will constitute a course failure, a reshoot will be allowed.

Three (3) yard line:
Stage 1: Student will shoot six (6) rounds at center mass then reload and fire six (6) rounds strong hand supported.  Total of twelve (12) rounds fired per firearm.  This course of fire has a thirty (30) second time limit.

Seven (7) yard line:
Stage 2: Student will shoot six (6) rounds center mass strong hand supported. Reload and fire six (6) additional rounds at center mass strong hand un-supported. Total of twelve (12) rounds fired per firearm.  This course of fire has a thirty (30) second time limit.

Fifteen (15) yard line:
Stage 3: Student will shoot six (6) rounds strong hand supported, reload and fire an additional six (6) rounds strong hand supported. Total of twelve (12) rounds fired per firearm.  This course of fire has a forty-five (45) second time limit.

“Hits” that fall on the line that defines the 7-ring will count toward your score. One point is deducted from your score for each round you fire after the allotted time.

Targets will be scored immediately following completion of the course.  Should a student fail, they will be permitted a second chance.  (Failure upon retesting constitutes course failure, and student will be required to enroll in and complete another sixteen-hour CCW 
firearms course in order to qualify for further testing.)

You are permitted to have up to three (3) firearms listed on your permit.  You must pass this examination with each firearms to be listed on your permit. 

Be Prepared for the Aftermath of a Self-Defense Shooting
Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network, Inc.
What Every Gun Owner Needs To Know About Self-Defense Law

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