Carbine Skill Builder:

Instructor(s): Gordon Gray


Course Student Limit: 12 – 14

Prerequisite:  Fund-Int Carbine & Fund Handgun with Int Handgun recommended.

Time: 0830 – 1630

Range: Sacramento Valley Shooting Center

Course Fee: $325.00 (includes range fees) 

This class strives to strengthen what was learned in Fundamental/Intermediate Carbine as a 2-day, and continues to add new skills with the addition of a secondary firearms platform, a handgun.  This class is also known as “Transitional Carbine” as we work on transitions from Rifle to a Handgun and back are incorporated.

Day-1 begins with different shooting positions, tactical movements while shooting, multiple target engagement(s), close quarters mechanical off-set, tactical reloads, malfunctions, & transition drills. This Skill Builder Class will consist of student competitions and may require running, jumping and other possible physical activity.

Day-2 will include some accelerated training while continuing to reinforce day ones training with the use of shooting drills.  These drills allow the student(s) to put the strategy to use with stress induced competitions to see how well you execute under the mental demands of each exercise.

You are required to make sure your rifle is zeroed as this will be a very fast paced course which does not allow time for zeroing.  A bare bones minimum zeroed distance for any tactical carbine should be 50 yards.  If you have questions please contact us for clarification: 

Required Equipment:

  • Modern Working Carbine Style Rifle (To be inspected by Instructor)
  • Serviceable sling- suitable for a variety of shooting positions –  Tactical Style capable of carrying rifle with muzzle down) 1 or 2 point preferred.  
  • 700-1000 rounds rifle ammo
  • Handgun (9mm or larger)
  • 200 rounds handgun ammo

  • Holster & Magazine Carrier (Open, Concealed, Duty or Tactical)
  •  Minimum 3 Mag Each Carbine & Handgun (4 -6 is ideal)
  • Magazine carrier, chest rig, belt pouches (choose gear realistic to your objective)
  • Eye/Ear Protection
  • Hat w/Brim
  • Weather appropriate gear (rain gear, sunscreen, etc) No Shorts or Open Toed Shoes.
  • Water / Hydrate! Hydrate!
  • Bring your lunch; we will be eating on the range!

Recommended but Not Required:

Pants with cargo pockets 
Knee/Elbow Pads 

Tactical Gloves

*** Prerequisite: Certificate of completion from our Fundamental Carbine & Handgun Courses is required to attend.  Law Enforcement with Patrol Rifle or Carbine in-service training this is a highly recommended course for you!  (LEO’s Please contact us for approval prior to signing up)

Special Note:
 Please refrain from trying to bypass or second guess our prerequisites by citing numerous other courses you’ve attended.  Gray Ops’ doesn’t know you or the other schools you’ve attended and from our experience these courses are not up to our required standards.  This assessment is purely about safety.  This includes current CCW permit holders.  An exception might be made on a case by case basis for active duty law enforcement and combat military veterans only.