Tactical Firearms Training

Course Registration

Please select the course(s) you’re interested in attending from this list. Enter a quantity; normally it will be “1” for you, unless you’re purchasing an additional slot for a family member or friend.  You can sign-up for more than one course at a time.  Choose by Course and Date.

The majority of our classes fill up about 2-4 months in advance do to the high demand of our quality training.  Early registration is the only guarantee you’ll have a spot in the class.  Please review our Eligibility, Payment, and Cancellation/Refund policies below.  Check your schedule and make sure you will be able to attend the training.

Course Registration: By signing up for and/or registering for a Gray Ops Firearms Specialty Training, Inc., course(s), I understand and agree to the following:

  1.    To attend a Gray Ops Firearms Specialty Training classes I understand:
    1. a   I must own my own firearm (Gray Ops does not rent, loan, or provide you with a firearm).

  1. b    I must provide my own ammunition as listed in each course description.   

2.   Gray Ops Firearms Specialty Training operation depends upon the vigilant control of all firearms by each student, and such control depends upon the unconditional cooperation of its students; therefore, I understand that my instruction may be terminated at any time during the course if the staff deems my cooperation or interpersonal behavior unsatisfactory.

3.   I will abide meticulously by any and all safety procedures required by Gray Ops Firearms Specialty Training, and I agree to sign a statement releasing Gray Ops Firearms Specialty Training, Inc. from any and all injury I may sustain during the training course(s).

4.   I will be at least the age of 21 years old at the time of class or between the ages of 18 and 21 and will be enlisted in the United States Military.

5.   I understand if I cancel my training course a 50% tuition penalty is charged.  A full tuition penalty is charged for unattended courses, or courses canceled less than 7 days prior to their start date.**See Cancellation / Refund Policy below for additional details.

6.   Gray Ops Firearms Specialty Training reserves the right to cancel any course with 5 days notice with a full refund for the class.

7.   All applicable local, state and federal laws ought to be adhered to.  

Special notation: Please refrain from trying to bypass or second guess our prerequisites by citing numerous other courses you’ve attended.  Gray Ops’ doesn’t know you or the other schools you have attended and from our experience these courses are not up to our required standards.  This assessment is purely about safety.  An exclusion might be made on a case by case basis for active duty law enforcement and combat military veterans only.  

When reserving your seat, under “Quantity” only enter a numeric number for the number of seats you’re reserving.  DO NOT! use an “X”.  
Click the continue button at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions.  When you’re done, please only click on the “SUBMIT” button only once!  Wait for a reply. 

Combo Package Pricing: When taking advantage of our Fundamental-Intermediate Combo Packages for either Handgun or Carbine Training, please choose by date.  The discounted package price is below the Intermediate Class listing shown as “Fund/Inter” the Class either Handgun or Carbine followed by the date.

2022 Classes are here for your training knowledge and experience!

Gray Ops Firearms Specialty Training, Inc., 2022 Course Registration Form.  Please select the Course and Date you’re interested in attending.  Early registration guaranties your seat.  I understand that my training course fee is non-transferable and a 50% tuition penalty is charged if I cancel the training.
Quantity                        Description                        Price
Fundamental Tactical Handgun, Sept 24, 2022$185.00
Intermediate Tactical Handgun, Sept 25, 2022$185.00
Fund/Inter Handgun Combo Pkg, Sept 24-25, 2022$310.00
Private Group Training$185.00
Thank you for signing up for a Gray Ops FireArms Specialty Training course(s)!  You will be receiving additional information shortly specifically related to the course(s) you've signed up for.  By pressing the "Continue" button you are  acknowledging, you've read and fully understand Gray Ops Cancellation / Refund Policy.
Cancellation / Refund Policy: To receive a refund, less a 50% tuition penalty, notify Gray Ops in writing at least twenty-one (21) days prior to the start of the training program. Gray Ops will allow a one (1) time roll over to another course if notified no later than 7 days prior to the class.  A full tuition penalty is charged for unattended courses, or courses cancelled less than 7 days prior to their start date. NO EXCEPTIONS!
If a class is rolled over,
1) you waive the refund option,
2) failure to attend a rescheduled class will result in a full tuition forfeiture.  

Eligibility:  Open Enrollment Courses are available to all qualified who can legally own and/or legally possess firearms within the State of California.  To qualify you cannot have been convicted of a felony or violent misdemeanor, and not under any criminal indictment that would legally prevent you from receiving this training.

Payment: Course Fees must be paid in full prior to final acceptance and attendance at any course. Payment can be made on-line, or by money order, cashier’s check, or credit card. Money orders/ Cashier’s checks must be made payable, in US Dollars, to Gray Ops Firearms Specialty Training, Inc. All payments should be sent to: Gray Ops Inc, 12080 Anthem DriveSparks, NV 89441

Gray Ops Firearms Specialty Training, Inc. will always be an avid supporter of our State’s Law Enforcement Officers and US Military Personnel.  Gray Ops is aware many LEO’s don’t receive sufficient amount of training within their departments.  Gray Ops presents unique course fees for our classes to LEO’s and Active Military who aspire to at the pinnacle, cutting edge of training.  Please contact Gordon Gray, Gray Ops Company Commander, for Qualifications and Special Pricing offers.

**To enquire on LEO & MIL pricing, contact Gray Ops for more information.

Right to Decline Training: Due to the serious and sensitive nature of the training Gray Ops provides, we reserve the right to refuse training. We reserve the right to decline admission to any person who does not meet our eligibility requirements, has a felony or violent misdemeanor conviction, or a record of mental instability.

All GRAY OPS training programs are subject to cancellation and students will be notified no later than five (5) days prior to the start of the course. Gray Ops is not responsible for any expenses incurred by the applicant, other than tuition, in the event that Gray Ops has to cancel a training program. In such an event, students may either receive a full tuition refund or apply all funds to future course dates. If funds are applied to future course dates, once course dates are chosen, any cancellation on the part of the student will be subject GRAY OPS’s normal cancellation policy.

Student Conduct: A student will be terminated from training straight away for any of the following reasons: 

  1. failure to follow the safe handing rules for firearms,
  2. failure to follow instructions, reckless or dangerous behavior,
  3. failure to attend training sessions,
  4. falsifying any information given to Gray Ops,
  5. or objectionable behavior in or out of class settings.
Readmission will take place at the sole discretion of the Gray Ops Administration.

After reading the above, please download a Training Application to complete. Please allow enough time for your application to be received and processed prior to the course you’re planning to attend. The Training Application is in a Microsoft Word format form, download, complete, save, and return via e-mail to ggray@gofast1.com or US Mail to the address listed on the application.