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We teach, and you learn through positive feedback which builds self-confidence.  We believe that you should not only develop good shooting skills, but the confidence to apply those skills in a self-defense scenario, if the need arises.  

Welcome to the Gray Ops FireArms Specialty Training’s Handgun Training Page

Our training is designed for everyone who is willing to learn, regardless of your prior experience as a private citizen, active or former military or law enforcement, we are here to assist you in improving your knowledge with optimum firearms training to improve your skill set.

Gray Ops instructors have years of experience in teaching folks how to manipulate their firearms.  We’ve had the privilege of teaching a variety of different local, state, and federal agencies.  Including but not limited to law enforcement, military, government agencies, competition, and private citizens.  Our instructors` training and experience give them a strong understanding on how to properly educate students on fundamentals and advanced techniques alike.

Our courses are conducted in a friendly, relaxed environment that emphasizes safety and mastery of your firearm(s) for all skill levels. No matter what your level of expertise, we have a class that can teach you something new. We encourage all students, from beginners to the more advanced, to challenge yourself by learning and reinforcing proper techniques to take your skills to the next level.

The left side menu includes a list of our Handgun Courses with detailed descriptions included on each page of the different Handgun Courses we offer. 

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Our Fundamental/Intermediate Handgun Classes are accepted by San Joaquin, Sacramento, and El Dorado Counties.  Along with the City of Stockton & Ripon to provide instruction for California’s initial CCW training, CCW requalification training and weapon addition qualification for your permit.