Handgun III:

Instructor(s): Gordon Gray  / Pat Deasy

Time: 0830 – 1630

Range: Sacramento Valley Shooting Center

Course Fee: $375.00 (includes range fees) 

Course Student Limit: 12 – 14

Prerequisite:  Fund-Int Handgun

Description:  This is a highly developed course that picks up where Intermediate (or our Tactical Skill Builder) leaves off. We’ll cover an overview of emergency and tactical reloads.  Moving and shooting, multiple target engagements, locating and moving to cover, team communication / shooting with a team member, room clearing, threat and non-threat engagement, identifying and announcing threats and identifying  / clearing malfunctions and work into shooting with your flashlight for low light encounters.  

** Prerequisite: Certificate of completion from our Intermediate Tactical Handgun Course.

Special Note: Please refrain from trying to bypass or second guess our prerequisites by citing numerous other courses you’ve attended.  Gray Ops’ doesn’t know you or the other schools you’ve attended and from our experience these courses are not up to our required standards.  This assessment is purely about safety.  This includes current CCW permit holders. 

An exclusion might be made on a case by case basis for active duty law enforcement and combat military veterans with handgun experience only. 
Law Enforcement this is a highly recommended course for you!

Required Equipment: 

  • Working Modern Handgun (Must be approved by instructor)
  • 1000 rounds of ammunition 
  • Three magazines or speed loaders
  • Magazine pouches
  • Belt holster (Strong side, Open, Concealed, Duty, or Tactical)
  • Pants with belt, (long legs, no shorts)
  • Hearing protection (electronic preferred)
  • Eye protection 
  • Base Ball Style Cap (recommended)
  • Personal Water Supply 
  • Weather Appropriate Gear (Rain gear / Cold Weather gear (seasonal) sun screen, etc.)
  • Clothing suited to strenuous activity as well as being seasonally appropriate (no shorts)
  • Knee and elbow pads (optional)
  • Gloves (optional)
  • An open mind