Tactical Handgun Skill Builder:

Instructor(s): Gordon Gray / Pat Deasy

TBA Fall 2023

Time: 0830 – 1630

Range: Sacramento Valley Shooting Center

Course Fee: $350.00 (includes range fees) 

Course Student Limit: 12 – 14
Prerequisite:  *Fundamental & Intermediate Handgun

This class’s challenge will reinforce what was learned in Intermediate Handgun and beyond as a 2-day refresher/update/review course. Our objective is to add extra skills and increase your knowledge as well as your ability to better deploy your handgun.  A class bridging the gap between Intermediate and Advanced Handgun.  This class is an ebb and flowing class, we have not done one exactly the same since inception.

Day-1 commences with a rapid review of Firearms Safety, including Range Safety and Range Commands.  Dry drills firming the foundation in presentation (5-part draw), drawing from concealment and open carry.  One of our goals is to safely speed up presentation with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round accuracy.  Shooting on the move, shooting from different positions, tactical movements while shooting, multiple target engagement(s), tactical reloads, malfunctions, & transition drills. This Skill Builder Class will consist of student competitions and may require running, jumping and other possible physical activity.  Strong & Support side shooting, both 1 and 2 handed.  How to Clear Malfunctions, Timed Drills to Improve Your Ability to Function Under Stress, Multiple Shots on a Single Assailant, Multiple Shots on Multiple Assailants, Point Shooting vs. Sighted Shooting, Extreme Close Quarters Shooting, Cover and Concealment: Engaging targets from cover, Extra: Friendly, fun competition events on reactive targets! 

Day-2 will include some accelerated guidance while continuing to reinforce day ones training with the use of shooting drills.  Flashlight techniques, these drills allow the student(s) to put the strategy to use with stress induced competitions to see how well you execute under the mental demands of each exercise.

Mandatory Equipment:

  • Modern Working Handgun (9mm – 45acp – approved by instructor)
  • 800-1000 rounds of ammunition
  • Three magazines or speed loaders minimum (4+ would be best)
  • Magazine pouch(es)
  • Belt holster (Strong side, Open, Concealed, Duty or Tactical)
  • Pants with belt (NO SHORTS)
  • Hearing protection
  • Eye protection 
  • Hat w/Brim
  • Personal Water Supply 
  • Weather Appropriate Gear (sun screen, rain gear, etc.)
  • Water / Hydrate! Hydrate!
  • Bring your lunch; we will be eating on the range!

Please bring attire suitable for rain or shine as weather does not dictate the fight nor will it affect our training!

*** Prerequisite: Certificate of completion from our Intermediate Tactical Handgun Course.
Special Note:
 Please refrain from trying to bypass or second guess our prerequisites by citing numerous other courses you’ve attended.  Gray Ops’ doesn’t know you or the other schools you’ve attended and from our experience these courses are not up to our required standards.  This assessment is purely about safety.  This includes current CCW permit holders. 
An exclusion might be made on a case by case basis for active duty law enforcement and combat military veterans with handgun experience only. 

Law Enforcement this is a highly recommended course for you!