Course Critique Program

Student’s Review Opportunity

Course Critique Program

Course Critique Program or CCP’s are a significant portion of your training. The action of sitting down to recollect the details of the class assist to emphasize the programs you study and also serve to illustrate to you how rapidly you can overlook the details of a class after you begin to decompress.

In an effort to inspire our students to take the time and complete a CCP we are offering a discount program to those who take the time and effort to record this data.

A suitable CCP should include the following information:

  • Class Name
  • Date of Class
  • Class Location
  • Class Duration
  • Weather
  • Gear Used
  • If you’re articulate enough try to give a run down on what gear you used, WHY you used it and what you found out about it by the end of the course.

What the CCP should contain:

  • Expectations vs Actual
  • What was taught
  • Round Count
  • Equipment Used, pros and/or cons (ie: type of firearm/ammo/holster/mag pouches)
  • Good, Bad, Interesting, Unusual and even the Humorous Events.
  • The more relevant information you put in your CCP, the more others can absorb from your experience.
  • CCP’s can be posted to:
  • Gray Ops Firearms Specialty Training Alumni, this is a private group, if you do not join please contact Gordon Gray
  • Minimum of one:,,, Primary &, Any Other applicable Forum or Facebook Group

Once you have compleated your CCP, make sure you email with links to locations you posted your CCP. 
As a token of our appreciation, Gray Ops will extend to you a $25 discount for any future class.
*Some restrictions apply or where prohibited by law.