Training Location:

Gray Ops home range is the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center where we host the majority of our classes.  We are equipped with a mobile training unit prepared to come to you, given you have a range suitable for our training requirements.

15501 Meiss Road
SloughhouseCA 95683

The Sacramento Valley Shooting Center is located approximately 15 miles southeast of the City of Sacramento. Do not use car based GPS or Internet/Electronic maps for directions to the range as they often have you entering from 
Dillard Road. Meiss from Dillard is an unpaved, nearly impassible rock road. Use Ione Road to approach Meiss Road.

Map to Sacramento Valley Shooting Center:

Above is a map to the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center where we hold the majority of our classes.  If you have any questions about the range you can call them at (916) 354-9668. 

If you have questions regarding the course you are interested in, please call Gray Ops

Sacramento Valley Site Map:
Depening on the class being offered Gray Ops normally trains on range 2, 9, 10, or 11.