Tactical Firearms Training

Mobile Training

We’ll bring our training to you

Gray Ops Mobile Training Element will come to you or your training site.  If you or your group, agency, organization, and/or individual(s) are interested in hosting one or more of our training classes, we’ll bring our course to you. 

We offer our dedicated training programs at competitive industry rates and compensate hosts with gratis slots in the class.  If you have access to or know of a training site Gray Ops could utilize we’ll come to you.

“Stress drills are a critical component in establishing a complete firearms training program for all officers going into harm’s way, from recruits to SWAT operators.”

The difficulty in providing this type of training usually resides with the historic corporate memory within the agency.  Stress drill programs require more effort by the firearms training staff and administration.  Traditional established training on static marksmanship is by far the easiest to conduct.  Officer, from recruits to SWAT operators, are easy to control when they utilize a traditional firing position in one place and conduct the same firearms drills under generous time limits on a full-size silhouette.  These types of drills allow the officers to remain in their comfort zone and progress to smaller and smaller groups until they plateau.  Everyone strives for the pretty target with a blow-out in the “X-ring” of the target.  There is no pressure, nor any mental or physical stress involved; the students’ progress is measured in how tight they group their shots. (not good)

If you have a group of 5 or more who would be interested in participating in a private training session Gray Ops Firearms Specialty Training can make it happen.  For additional information on planning a special training event firearms training session contact Gordon Gray (209) 479-3145 or email ggray@gofast1.com.