Precision Rifle: 

Course Description:
These series of courses are designed to provide the student with the necessary skills to employ the scoped precision rifle in an urban environment. Emphasis is on extreme precision at moderate to short ranges (0-300).  Topics covered will include weapon/equipment selection, maintenance, log/data books, support equipment, range estimation, positional shooting, marksmanship fundamentals, urban hides, sniper/observer roles, field craft, camouflage, movement techniques and terminal ballistics. Along with wind reading, observation and reporting methods, spotter/sniper communications, are all included in this specialized class.

Required Equipment: 

  • Scoped Precision Rifle (Bolt or Auto Rifle capable of 1 moa @ 100 yards)

  • Bipod

  • Sling (leather or nylon)

  • Bean Bag/Sand Sock (for butt stock support)

  • Modern Working Handgun (Approved by Instructor)

  • 100 Rifle Rounds  (per day)

  • 100 Pistol Rounds

  • Shooting Mat

  • Approved Safety Glasses / Ear Protection

  • Hat / Sunscreen

Optional Equipment:

  • Spotting Scope

  • Shooting Mat

  • Gloves

  • Knee/Elbow Pads 

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Precision Rifle I:

Course Objectives:
Precision Rifle 1 is designed to familiarize you with the basics of precision marksmanship and then build proficiency.  It will cover the fundamentals of urban rifle marksmanship to include equipment selection, rifle, scope, ammunition choices, ect.

You will learn what a minute of angle is (MOA) and how to shoot within that accuracy standard, The Milliradian theory (the foundational theory for all precision marksmanship), The basic fundamentals of precision marksmanship (supported/unsupported shooting positions, proper sight picture/aiming, breath control/natural respiratory pause, trigger control, calling your shot), Use of rifle scopes, observation equipment, mil reticles and other range finding aids (for turret manipulation and zeroing/military-style reticle applications/range estimation techniques), Zeroing methods. Cleaning methods and Bolt manipulation methods and clearing malfunctions.

Minimum Required Equipment: 

  • A precision scoped rifle with sling, adjustable front bipod and sand sock for butt stock support (rifle capable of 1 moa groups @ 100 yards minimum).

  • Scope with tactical/target turrets that can be floated back to zero.

  • 100 rounds match grade ammunition per day.

  • Cleaning gear, (copper and powder solvents/lens cleaning kit).

  • Ear and eye protection

  • Tactical or otherwise durable clothing and boots suitable for weather conditions.

Instructor(s): Gordon Gray


 Sacramento Valley Shooting Center

Course Fee:
 $350.00 (includes all range fees)