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Public Safety Training

“The only easy day was yesterday”

“Right now, your competition is training”

Gray Ops is a strong supporter of our State’s Law Enforcement Officers and Nation’s Military Personnel. We recognize LEO’s don’t often get an adequate amount of training within their departments. Gray Ops offers special pricing for its classes to Active Military and LEO’s who desire to be on top of the cutting edge of training.  Please contact Gordon Gray, for Qualifications and Special Pricing offers. 

 Are you or your department lacking in training?  Looking for cutting edge training to maintain all of your firearms skills?  Or just wishing to stay at the top of your learning curve.  Allow Gray Ops to design a training course to fit your specific needs.  Courses can be designed to accomplish any goal that you may have.  Training Courses can include but are not limited to Handgun, Patrol Rifle, Shotgun or a combination of two or all three.  

Additional training opportunities in team communication, verbal and silent, team movement, and active shooter training, Low Light, No Light, and Flashlight Training all available…The possibilities are endless.

All Gray Ops Instructors are POST certified instructors.

“Stress drills are a critical component in establishing a complete firearms training program for all officers going into harm’s way, From recruits to SWAT Operators”

The difficulty in providing this type of training usually resides with the historic corporate memory within the agency.  Stress drill programs require more effort by the firearms training staff and administration.  Traditional established training on static marksmanship is by far the easiest to conduct.  Officer, from recruits to SWAT operators, are easy to control when they utilize a traditional firing position in one place and conduct the same firearms drills under generous time limits on a full-size silhouette.  These types of drills allow the officers to remain in their comfort zone and progress to smaller and smaller groups until they plateau.  Everyone strives for the pretty target with a blow-out in the “X-ring” of the target.  There is no pressure, nor any mental or physical stress involved; the students’ progress is measured in how tight they group their shots. (not good)
or call: Gordon Gray @ (209) 479-3145 

Vehicle CQB

This two-day course is designed to develop and implement the critical tools required to operate in a daily patrol environment. Participants will learn positional shooting techniques, weapon manipulations, ballistics, and threat identification, in addition to engagement as it relates to problem solving in and around vehicles.

Required Equipment:

Modern Working Carbine Style Rifle (To be inspected by Instructor)
Serviceable sling- suitable for a variety of shooting positions – Tactical Style capable of carrying rifle with muzzle down) 1 or 2 point preferred.
700-1000 rounds rifle ammo
Handgun (9mm or larger)
Holster & Magazine Carrier (Open, Concealed, Duty or Tactical)
400 rounds handgun ammo
Minimum 3 Mag Each Carbine & Handgun (4 -6 is ideal)
Magazine carrier, chest rig, belt pouches (choose gear realistic to your objective)
Eye/Ear Protection
Hat w/Brim
Weather appropriate gear (rain gear, sunscreen, etc) No Shorts or Open Toed Shoes.
Water / Hydrate! Hydrate!
Bring your lunch; we will be eating on the range!
Recommended but Not Required:
Pants with cargo pockets
Knee/Elbow Pads
Tactical Gloves

Payment Links:

2020 Law Enforcement/Military Training Registration Form
Gray Ops Firearms Specialty Training, Inc., 2019 Law Enforcement/Military Training Course Registration Form. I understand that my training course fee is non-transferable and a 50% tuition penalty is charged if I cancel the training.

Quantity Description Price
LE/MIL Pricing - Per Day / Pre-Approval Required$150.00
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