Patrick Deasy

Handgun – Shotgun Lead Instructor

Pat has over 25 years of law enforcement and tactical weapons training experience.  Pat is currently a Special Operations Commander with a local State law enforcement agency in California. Throughout his career he has worked both uniformed and undercover assignments.  He has had the opportunity to embed for extended periods of time with various Police and Sheriff Departments throughout the State.  Each of these assignments gave him the opportunity to learn police and tactics in many different environments.  In his current assignment, he oversees the Special Operations team and Firearms Unit.  This experience has led to his unique well-rounded teaching abilities that appeal to a broad audience of students.

For the past 25 years Pat has been a police academy level firearms instructor certified by the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST).  He holds professional armorer certificates from Glock, Smith & Wesson and Remington.  Pat has attended several firearms instructor, officer survival, tactical and adult-learning courses.  He is a POST certified firearms instructor, patrol rifle instructor, less-lethal munitions instructor, and EVOC instructor.  He is currently responsible for approximately 25 Department firearms instructors and the firearms and tactical training needs of over 200 sworn.

Pat has taught firearms and tactical self-defense related classes to law enforcement, military and civilian organizations throughout California.  He specializes in teaching first time or novice shooters and people that may be experiencing problems mastering specific firearms fundamentals in other training environments.  He is also an expert in advanced tactical weapon training, controlled entry tactics, home defense concepts, concealed carry methods, active shooter incidents, tactical medicine, and high speed vehicle operations. 

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